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Why to use Bio-degradable baby wipes

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Imagine a world where your child has plastic friends, lives in plastic home and surroundings are all of the plastic. Can’t imagine this horrendous episode? Neither can we. But if plastic continues to go about being a major pollutant in the coming years, then this could be a real-life story. So, how about shifting to eco-friendly products like BumEaze Baby Wipes,

Now, your next question must be: are Bumeaze wipes biodegradable?

Yes, they are! Let’s understand to why choosing these eco-friendly baby wipes could be beneficial

Highlighter 1: Greener earth, one step at a time

We are born on Mother Earth and nurtured by her. The seed you sow today will become a tree for your young ones. Non-biodegradable wipes take up to a hundred years to decompose while biodegradables take just a year to get transformed into soil. Choose wipes that are best for both your baby & mother earth.

Highlighter 2: Ingredients that are best for Babies

The best eco-friendly baby wipes are alcohol-free and do not have harmful chemicals that could harm your baby’s skin. No mother would want that, right? Choose wipes that are biodegradable and infused with natural ingredients, – which means no harm, just love, and care. Bumeaze wipes have natural care of Aloe vera & Green tea for soft & moisturized skin. Moreover, Bumeaze baby wipes are dermatologically tested & have skin-friendly pH of 5.5 .

Highlighter 3: Use | Wipe | Green dispose

It is important to dispose of wipes properly after use. While other wipes can create a fuss to decompose, biodegradable wipes can be disposed of easily with bio-degradable waste it’s always advisable to not flush even the best eco-friendly baby wipes because of their tensile strength which could clog your flush.

Well, there you go! Now you know why to use biodegradable baby wipes and why it’s definitely a superhero’s move to shift to biodegradable baby wipes. Won’t you head to ‘BumEaze Cleansing Wipes Pack’ and add it to your cart? We know you will.

Happy Parenting!

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