We are a start-up Healthsciences company.

One needs to be healthy and active in order to keep up with the demands of our ever changing lifestyles.

But owing to our unhealthy choices, we fall ill often despite so many advancements in medical science. So who (or what) is to be blamed for such a transformation? Lifestyle? Stress? Habits? Or a combination of all of this.

We at Inzpera believe that healthy habits when supplemented with healthy products leads to happier lives. We will achieve this by bringing ingenious products driven by intuitive thinking.


To be the most vibrant healthsciences company that strives to introduce scientifically formulated everyday products for healthier lives.


Address the health / nutritional imbalance across age groups through innovative solutions and deliciously affordable products.

The Work Horses

We have a joyous healthy family of cooks, dreamers, singers, dancers, runners etc. Our enthusiasm is infectious and we would love to infect you with it!